Importing users to ecore is quite easy. There are 2 different type of imports which are accessible through the ecore system.

You can import a single user or multiple users through the Import button at the top of the users page.

By clicking on this button you will have a new pop up showing up. You can now select between 1.) Import via .ecore file or 2.) Import via CSV

Import via ecore file

Importing a new user via ecore file will enable you to easily add users from an already existing ecore platform. All you have to do is include the .ecore file and the account will be added. The username, email and password will be the same which has been used in the previous ecore system. Your user will not receive any kind of confirmation email and will be instantly able to login.

Import via CSV

Importing via CSV is different than using the existing ecore files. Due to the fact that we have no access to previous account information, bulk creation via CSV will send users a confirmation email with which they will need to confirm their account and add a password to it.

Please use this example.csv attachment as a a reference file. Do use comma (,) as field seperator and double quotes (") as text seperator.

Following columns do require special attention:

  • Country - Use the exact country name in english language. Example: France, Germany, United States, Russia. Please do not use any short versions as USA as it will not be recognized as a valid country.
  • Birthdate - The birthdate is supposed to be provided in YYYY-MM-DD format. Example: 1980-01-30. Other dates will not work and as a result the birthdate will not be added to the user properly.

Note: The first 2 columns (username and email) are required columns. Any additional columns are not required and can be left empty. In case username or email is left empty, there will be no account creation. The platform will show you which accounts did succeed and which did not, so please keep that in mind while creating your CSV file.

In case you require additional import options feel free to ask support for further assistance.