To add a new user, navigate to Users on the left navigation and click on the Add User button at the top. To edit one, follow the same link but click the name in the list of users.

There is a bunch of information which can be added to a user, listed below:

Required information


The username which will be used for the platform. It can be changed later.


The email the user is registered under. It will be used for notifications and additional informations.


Please keep in mind that passwords should be safe enough to be used by the users. There is no way to restore a password for a user due to security reasons. It will also not be sent via mail.


The default language is used if none is selected.


The role(s) the user is assigned to. Make sure to include at least one default role. If you want to know more about roles, check out this page.

Optional information

Firstname, Lastname

The name of the respective user

Address, Zipcode, City, Country

The address informations of the user


The birthdate will be used for events (e.g. birthdays in calendar or on the dashboard)

Telephone number

The telephone number of the member

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat)

Content creation (YouTube, Twitch)


A summary of the gaming content the user has done already. This is the right place for achievements and a general overview of the user.

Custom information

Custom fields offers you the ability to create your own fields which users are able to enter. This ranges from normal text inputs to dates or summaries. Custom fields are created by each organization and there is no limit of how many can be created. Please refer to this page to get more information about custom fields.