The ecore StreamStats offers an easy-to-use interface to track Twitch streamer activities for your organisation. There is no direct access to the users Twitch account required. You can basically track anyone you want!

Use cases!

You may ask yourself why this is important for you? It is realiable data you can use in your upcoming meetings, sponsorship requests or a lot of other cases. Track the growth of your streamers, see which games are the most successful ones and why specific times might be better suited than others.

Growth tracking

Growth tracking is one of the most important parts of StreamStats. Do you waste your already limited budget? Are your streamers slowly getting less successful or booming through the roof? You can plan the future and adjust your rates when you see whats going on.

Sponsorship proposals/reports

In case you are creating a new proposal or you're giving your monthly pitch in front of your sponsors. There is a lot of work around this area and you can safe up to 2 hours each month by simply putting reports together based on the data which is provided by StreamStats.

Notice upcoming streamers

Did you browse through Twitch and saw someone with potential, but lost complete track of them caused by lack of time? No manual checking back on him or her, always having up-to-date data.

How to start?

Once you purchased the StreamStats extension you are free to start adding any streamer you want. By the way: The data you collect is 100% unique. No one else will be able to take advantage of tracked data. There are other services out there which offer crowd data collection, but we want you to be in control of everything!

  1. Click on StreamStats in the navigation menu. Next click on + Add Stream and provide either the username or a complete URL. From this point on any data for this streamer is tracked each 10 minutes (for streaming activity) and each 24 hours (for followers and view counts)
  2. Wait a few hours until the streamer went online for the first time. Once he went online, there are 4 categories which provide contextual information about the streamer:
    1. Overview - A general overview and a quick summary of the latest 3 streams.
    2. Streams - A complete list of any broadcasts the streamer has been online with
    3. Games - A summary of games as well as it's success ratio played by the streamer
    4. Statistics - Growth rates overall

In case you need additional information about StreamStats, or additional ideas for the statistics, contact support or browse throug the knowledgebase!