The ecore File Cloud is a very powerfull tool that grants you access at any time over the Internet to your texts, images and whatever you want. Our File Cloud is based on an object storage system.

To add files to the cloud, just move them from your computer into the main window. When you see the blue colored frame, you can drop your files. Otherwise you are able to click the green '+'-Button to upload your files.

To create folder, hit the green '+'-Button and select the 'add folder' option. Type the name and click the 'save'-Button.
Important: In the current version of the file cloud it's not possible to create folders the same way as files via drag&drop.

To download or preview a file, just hit it with the left mouse button and choose your desired option.
Right click on a file opens a menu where you are able to show the file-details, download it, rename it or delete the file.